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3IPK’s blockchain process management system enables our customers to become more competitive by reducing overhead costs related to complex aerospace processes by delivering powerful blockchain-based solutions allowing for efficient management of deep and wide supply chains, engineering and manufacturing processes as well as quality control. Combined with state-of-the art data analytics, artificial intelligence and process mining techniques, 3IPK delivers the competitive edge to aerospace ecosystems


Leveraging state-of-the-art blockchain technology, in combination with data analytics and artificial intelligence, 3IPK delivers the competitive edge to aerospace ecosystems.


Certification & airworthiness process cost reduction

& Trace

Real-time track & trace solution via secured fingerprinting

Supply Chain

Supply chain automation & responsibilization via Smart Contracts

& Transparency

Transparency driving company culture to self-responsibility and self-organisation.

Our Solution

Our solutions allow for reduction of process inefficiencies, reduction of costs of supply chain management through transparency and traceability.

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Everything you would need,
you will get


Reducing management overhead costs by introduction of tech-enabled process transparency


Using Smart Contracts to automate contractual terms execution across the aerospace supply chain


Providing reliable and real-time verification of certification and approval status of recorded data


Proving important data and documents originality to prevent counterfeiting and future disputes


Enabling culture of safety and quality via automatic compliance to processes and regulations


Allowing for traceability of records in real-time, leading to higher transparency, efficiency and faster audit


Using 3IPK’s blockchain-based system for spacecraft components quality inspection reduces process costs and provides transparent information for all supply chain stakeholders.

Space Satellite


Using 3IPK’s blockchain-based system for spacecraft components manufacturing quality control increase and making related processes more efficient.

  • Immutable quality control data

  • Automated supply chain management

  • Efficient quality audit process

Car Repair and Maintenance

MRO - Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

Tracking the whole lifecycle of aerospace components facilitating the continuous airworthiness management, improving safety and reducing costs 

  • Digital management of components data from manufacturing to operation

  • Reduced process management costs

  • Secured data transmission to aircraft operators


ATM - Air Traffic Management

Immutable ATC voice and data recordings for automatic compliance demonstration and risk reduction including ATCO personnel training data records

  • Reduced compliance risk exposure

  • Decreased ANSP liability insurance premiums

  • Automatically traceable and verifiable training records



Optimizing engineering development by transparent capture of process steps throughout the supply chain as an enabler for automated project management

  • Immutably track & timestamp authorized personnel approvals of engineering design data

  • Automated and more efficient project management

  • Increased trust across supply chain levels

European Space Agency chose us.
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European Space Agency and many other clients trust our  Blockchain solutions and technology. Become one of them.

What we are looking for in Japan

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  • Pilot projects to introduce insurance options 

  • R&D partnerships to develop new functionalities

  • Strategic partnerships

  • Partnering with Japanese watchmakers

  • Partnering with second-hand luxury  watch stores

  • Partnering with auction houses

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Spacecraft in Orbit

Mugen Links helps

by providing the following services

VR Space Shuttle


Mugen Links aims to offer valuable market insights, aiding 3IPK in comprehending and navigating the distinctive challenges and opportunities within the Japanese market. The guidance provided by Mugen Links ensures 3IPK adopts a strategic and well-informed approach, laying the foundation for a successful market penetration.

Earth from Spaceship


Mugen Links' extensive network is instrumental in identifying and facilitating joint projects and partnerships for 3IPK in Japan. Our ability to manage innovative technologies as well as to understand local policies and markets is fundamental for establishing successful and long term collaborations.

Futuristic City


Mugen Links is poised to elevate 3IPK's presence in Japan's dynamic innovation ecosystem by devising thorough and impactful promotional strategies. This partnership aims not only to boost 3IPK's brand visibility but also to align it with the distinctive market and cultural nuances of Japan.

Earth and Space

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