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 Do you know the health of your infrastructure? 

 Tokbo senses bolted connections, provides remote predictive monitoring, enables a digital service. 

The TOKBO system can be applied to both existing and newly built structures and requires 4 steps: installing the sensors on the threaded joints, connecting the gateway, setting up the system, switching on the network and monitoring.


  • Continuous monitoring

  • Active safety system

  • Plug&play solution, simple installation

  • Customizable platform

  • Cost optimization of predictive maintenance





From a connected and smart network to a digital platform enabling predictive operation services.


tobko hardware.jpg


The system is composed of a network of sensorized structural bolts that allows the detection and monitoring of clamping force, vibration, temperature and inclination.

These bolts are connected to each other via gateways.

Tokbo has developed a proprietary solution that allows you to digitize threaded joints by remotely and continuously monitoring the status of the joint with force data and accelerometric status.


Wired version

Ideal for structures where power is present and for a considerable number of nodes to be monitored (large structures such as bridges, railway tracks, etc.) while ensuring service continuity and the management of a large amount of data.
This type of solution also allows you to activate alert messages in real time.

  • Up to 250 sensors

  • 220V power supply

  • 4G communication


Mild Wireless Version

Ideal for structures that are not covered by the electricity network or for structures with reduced accessibility. The mild wireless solution is able to guarantee monitoring of the most critical nodes thanks to the battery pack powered by a solar panel. This type of solution allows you to activate alert messages with a fixed frequency.

  • Powered by solar panels and battery pack

  • Up to 12 sensors

  • 4G communication


tokbo software.jpeg


  • The platform relies on the cloud which collects the following data:

    • Stress state of the joint

    • Temperature

    • Oscillatory and accelerometric state of the junction

    • Inclinometer state of the sensorized bolt

  • Users can collect data through:

    • Time windows

    • Hierarchy

    • Macrogroups of components

  • Ability to view history and real-time data

  • Alarm notification system

  • Multi-tenant platform


tokbo service.jpeg


What is the service

  • Continuous tension control of the joint by identifying unscrewing phenomena

  • Temperature detection

  • Oscillatory and accelerometric state of the junction

  • Inclinometric state of the sensorized bolt

  • Alarm system when critical thresholds are exceeded


With the continuous remote monitoring of the structure, costs and times of predictive maintenance can be optimized, guaranteeing support for operations.

tokbo software_edited.jpg


TOKBO for Corporate

Dedicated service for advanced customers who want to integrate Tokbo data into their own platform.

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Rent for limited time (12/24 months)

Service dedicated to those who have to carry out temporary monitoring (up to 24 months)

Idea for temporary structures (construction sites) or for investigations into the behavior of infrastructures to support maintenance actions.

tobko hardware.jpg


TOKBO as a service

(no limited time)

Comprehensive service with continuous real-time monitoring.

Customized and accessible platform to support security and maintenance operations.


The TOKBO system is already used by industries, highways and railways.

The system can be applied to various types of fastening systems, starting from an M12 diameter and without constraints of metallic material. Real-time monitoring allows you to increase the level of security and maintenance

What we are looking for in Japan

We want to hear from you for: 

  • Pilot projects

  • R&D partnerships

  • Strategic partnerships

  • Final Users

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Mugen Links helps

by providing the following services



Mugen Links aims to offer valuable market insights, aiding TOKBO in comprehending and navigating the distinctive challenges and opportunities within the Japanese market. The guidance provided by Mugen Links ensures TOKBO adopts a strategic and well-informed approach, laying the foundation for a successful market penetration.

Bridge Inside


Leveraging Mugen Links' extensive network will play a crucial role in pinpointing and facilitating collaborative projects and partnerships for TOKBO in Japan. Our capacity to navigate innovative technologies, coupled with a deep understanding of local policies and market, is essential for establishing enduring and successful collaborations.

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Mugen Links is poised to elevate TOKBO's presence in Japan's dynamic innovation ecosystem by devising thorough and impactful promotional strategies. This partnership aims not only to boost TOKBO's brand visibility but also to align it with the distinctive market and cultural nuances of Japan.


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